Benefits of Servicing your Vehicle at a Dealership

Modern cars are a blend of the latest in technology and automotive engineering which can make getting them fixed a challenge. You might be tempted to go to the corner mechanic or stop at a national repair chain, but can you be certain that the service technicians are properly trained? At Greenway Ford in Orlando, Florida, our service department is staffed by Ford factory trained technicians that have access to the latest in car repair technology and OEM parts. Coming to the dealership to get your car serviced gives you peace of mind knowing that your car repair is done right the first time.

Customer Service is Job Number One

When you come to the dealership for your car’s service, you’re treated like the valued customer that you are. The staff in the service department keep you informed about the status of your car, the repairs it needs, and answer any questions you have about your car.

Our service department features a customer lounge with creature comforts for the adults and a play area for the kids while you wait. And if you need to go somewhere, we have HERTZ rental vehicles available. These are services that most repair shops can’t or won’t provide for their customers.

Ford Factory Trained Technicians Do the Job Right

Mechanics that work independently or for major chains have to be Jacks of all trades when it comes to being able to work on cars. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to them overlooking an issue that can be caught by a Ford factory trained technician. Bringing your Ford vehicle to the dealership for repairs results in your car getting fixed right the first time. This is true for Fords of all ages, makes and models as the technicians are capable of working on just about any Ford product that comes in for repairs.

Access to the Latest in Car Repair Technology and Tools

The service department is equipped with the latest in Ford repair technology that gets to the source of a problem quickly. A technician can diagnose the problem with your car, then get to the repair with the right tools for the job. The advantage to using the latest in diagnostic and repair tools is the technician can find the exact problem with the car, make sure the issue didn’t damage other systems in the car, and repair your Ford properly. All guesswork is eliminated from the process, resulting in a repair that’s affordable, verifiable, and correct. You benefit from the knowledge that your car got the repair it needed, and a feeling that you can trust the dealership for not over-repairing your car

Uses Quality Original Equipment Parts Designed Specifically for Your Ford Vehicle

Aftermarket parts are plentiful, and often cheap. You also get what you pay for when it comes to these parts. The independent garage may be reasonably priced, but if they’re using aftermarket parts that aren’t guaranteed to meet original equipment (OE) standards, it’s going to get costly fast with repeated repairs. Bringing your car to the Ford dealership for repairs eliminates the risk of getting your car repaired with sub-standard parts. The repair department at the Greenway Ford dealership is only going to use parts manufactured by Ford to carry out the repair work.

It’s important that repairs to your Ford are done with OE parts for the best possible results. One reason is the fact that the part performs as expected, and won’t break down unexpectedly. Another has to do with preserving your car’s warranty. In the event your car breaks down during its warranty period, the dealership can perform the work according to manufacturer standards, and stay true to the warranty.

Repair Work is Guaranteed

The dealership guarantees the work that’s been done to your car for a specific period of time after it’s been completed. It’s true that repair shops have a guarantee period for the work they’ve performed, but the Ford dealership goes the extra distance to make sure that the repair is final. The last thing a technician wants to see is a car that keeps returning for more repairs. They’re going to get to the bottom of the issue and make sure your car runs right. The guarantee on repair work is there for peace of mind, and it also prevents you from spending more money on the same repair over and over again.