New Ford F-250 Truck Inventory

Available In Orlando, FL

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Check Out the New F-250 Inventory

Ford manufacturers popular pickup trucks for the consumer market. The look and style of a Ford pickup might catch attention, but some Oviedo, FL drivers appreciate performance above all. For those seeking a powerful pickup truck, check out the new F-250 inventory at Greenway Ford.

The Impressive Ford F-250

The Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck comes with a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of generating 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet, thanks to its 16 valves and other components. The six-speed shiftable automatic transmission supports the four-wheel drive that may handle many Winter Springs, FL, area road conditions and commutes. FWD is valuable when traveling off-road or dealing with tough weather conditions. The six-inch suspension lift system could help under these conditions, too.

F-250 Power

Orlando, FL customers likely purchase a Super Duty Ford pickup truck because they may have tough jobs in mind. Regarding hauling and towing, the F-250 could deliver sufficient power for challenging tasks. The maximum payload capacity is 3,110 pounds, and the top capacity for towing is a massive 20,000 pounds

F-250 Safety Features

An F-250's durability, size, mass, and frame may contribute to protection while driving, but all vehicles - even heavy-duty pickups - face collision risks. Ford added numerous safety vehicles to newer models that could put some minds at ease. Some helpful features include blind-spot warnings, front and rear airbags, stability control, and child seat anchors.

Finance an F-250

Sanford, FL customers may inquire at our dealership about F-250 financing. Completing an application online moves the process forward. Providing financial and personal information allows our team to look for the best rate. Ask about down payments and trade-ins to reduce the necessary financing.

Leasing an F-250

Lease an F-250 to acquire the newest model. The process involves steps similar to financing, and when the term ends, the option exists to purchase the truck or lease a newer model.

Whether buying or leasing, ask our Saint Cloud, FL, area team to set up a test drive. See how the F-250 handles.


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